Blog Redaksi Error Installasi Melalaui Softacolous

Error Installasi Melalaui Softacolous

Pelanggan IDwebhost,

Kami sampaikan bahwa saat ini sedang ada kendala pada softacolous yang mengakibatkan kendala installasi melalaui softacolous ke pelanggan IDwebhost. Adapun info dari Softaculous sebagai berikut:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

There was a bug in cPanle API Easy Apache 4 , so we had disabled the multiphp version detection in EA4 and then recently cPanel team had mentioned that they had fixed the issue in version 62.0.6 so we have enabled our hook to detect MultiPHP version in Softaculous 4.8.7, but they still not fixed the bug causing this issue.

We have again disabled PHP version detection in EasyApache4 MultiPHP Manager and we are launching Softaculous 4.8.8 by today with a workaround so you should not face this issue.

Once we launched we shall update you.

Extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

Softaculous Support


Adapun kendala ini belum ada estimasi dari pihak Softaculous , jika ada update informasi lebih lanjut akan kami update melalui blog ini. Atas terjadinya kendala ini kami sampaikan mohon maaf.